Meet Corey

At the ripe old age of 26, Corey Brice McCants has proven that age is simply just a number. "An old soul with talent and experience far beyond his years," is a statement the he has heard many times. Having done countless weddings and events over the years, he knows how to plan and execute the perfect party. Drawing from his love of all things Southern, Corey's approach to design is simple, but the finished product is nothing less than extraordinary.

Having grown up in his mother's flower shop, Corey knew at a very early age that he wanted to be a floral designer. Today his talents far exceed beautiful floral arrangements. He is known for designing and creating unique and memorable experiences. His charming personality, creative energy and determination separate him from others in his field. 

Here's what others have to say about Corey:

"It has been my pleasure over the past five years to work with Corey. We have collaborated on a multitude of graphic design projects, and it has always been met with professionalism, great taste and a lot of fun. We share the same zeal for the South, and he has fully embraced its charm, tradition, beauty, and quirkiness. I love his spirit, his enthusiasm, and his impeccable contribution to style. I am proud to be his friend and colleague, and look forward to the dazzling collaborations ahead!" Jena Simonds, Graphic Designer & Lifestyle Expert

"He is nothing short of elegant, refined, articulate, creative, opinionated and charming.  Agreed?  Now, if those were the only qualities Corey McCants possessed, I’d say he was doing just fine.  What I failed to mention was everything you can’t see.  The subtlety in which Corey communicates with his heart, the bursting creative energy that rushes through his veins and a reassuring smile that you know glows even stronger on the inside than it does externally.  Corey McCants is, The South." David Miller, Executive Producer, "Catering Wars" on Lifetime